Bat Testing

Bat Testing Times and Dates:

All bat testing goes through and provided by Mark Sirk @ (906) 632-2318

Courtesy Bat testing for anyone purchasing new bats (in wrapper or off eBay) will be provided on a case by case basis. Call for an appointment.

Each bat must have an ASA Approved Stamp, and may not be “altered” in any way. Please also see the “Non-Approved” bat list on the Bat Regulations page to verify that your bat has not been outlawed for ASA play.

**ATTENTION 50+ year olds and “Seniors.”**
If you are 50+ (must show ID upon request) you now have the option of using “Senior SSUSA Bats.” They still must be within SSUSA Senior regulations and be tested and certified before play. If this pertains to you, be sure to do your research before purchasing and make sure the bat is within the ASA regs for Seniors. These bats will be stickered with an alternate hologram and ONLY 50+ year olds may swing them during league play. Team managers and bat OWNER need to HIGHLY regulate and watch who is using the bats. If you are 49 and younger and get caught “cheating” by using a “Senior Bat,” there will be hefty consequences for the cheater, manager, and possibly the owner of the bat.
So, do your research for an approved senior bat before purchasing and be sure to get it in to be tested.
ASA rules for Senior bats are as follows:

All bats used in ASA play for the Senior Divisions must be Official Softball Bats certified by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and / or marked BPF 1.21 or less. Bats must have their original paint markings for complete identification. These bats must still meet all other provisions of Rule 3 Section 1 and pass all bat inspections performed by the National Championship Finals Tournament Official.

Bat MUST HAVE an SSUSA stamp.


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