Due to the current heavy rains and the grim outlook for tomorrow, we have no choice but to move the remainder of the City Tourney to Monday-Tuesday. A Division will do their playoff games on Monday, and the top 4 teams will play the semi/final on Tuesday with the banquet to follow. Sorry for any inconvenience, but the weather has just not cooperated this season.

Monday A Division:

Sw @ 5:30
Strongs vs Yacht Haven
Winner Plays Mark’s Tire @ 6:30

NE @ 5:30
Wild Bluff vs Merch
Winner Plays Downtowner @ 6:30

NE @ 7:30
*A Final*

Tuesday Semi’s/Final:
NE @ 6:00
A vs KFM

8th Ave @ 6:00
Alpha vs Moloney’s

8th Ave @ 7:00

**Banquet to follow directly after**